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Still Lifes

I have always been drawn to still life painting, and when I grabbed my paint brushes in 2020, mid-global pandemic, I found myself at my kitchen table facing the items around me and here I quite often remain. 

I love painting the simple and mundane in a way that renders them beautiful and extraordinary, often choosing items from my fruit and vegetable shop to focus on or include. There is something calming and comforting in focusing on items that are often overlooked or ignored in daily life and raising them up in their glorious shapes and colours as the focus of a painting. 

In our frenetic daily lives, sometimes focusing on the domestic and basic around us can be grounding. Through my painting I have grown to appreciate the simple beauty in those things around us that we take for granted.

The other benefits to still life painting is that, once the paint has done its work, you can eat the food and live with the flowers. I haven't yet tackled cakes and biscuits as subjects but watch this space!

I have a number of still life paintings available for sale at the moment and regularly update the website when pieces become available. Please see those available through the below link, or contact me with any inquiries.

from Little Venice, London, to Lebanon

There is nothing quite like painting out in nature - the thrill of painting what us in front of you as it changes, trying to get down what you both see and experience.

I live in London and paint the streets and canals in my local area, however I am also lucky to regularly spend time in my native county of Wiltshire and to have the opportunity to paint each year in the beautiful and extremely paintable country of Lebanon.

The colours and treasures of the mountains, the olive groves and the Mediterranean coastline are all a joy to commit to canvas. I have a selection of paintings from previous trips to Lebanon available so please get in touch if you would be interested in more details or commissioning a painting.

My painting journey started in the crescents and canals of Little Venice, London, and there are not many more beautiful areas of London.

I regularly release greetings cards and annual Christmas Cards featuring scenes local to Little Venice, which are available through the website and in local shops each year around Christmas time.

I have also undertaken many commissions locally of scenes or houses and would love to hear from you should you wish to know more about the process. Further examples of local commissions can be found through the link below:

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